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The reason you need this Audio NREMT Paramedic Study Guide:
Unless of course you’ve been living beneath a rock, you’ve likely heard the fact that written part of the NREMT Paramedic Exam is no joke. In the event you don’t believe me, just look around at some of the discussion boards on the net. You’ll find tons of people who are desperately trying to find assist passing the written part of the NREMT Paramedic Exam. Many are taking the exam for their second or third time. Many approached the NREMT Paramedic Exam confidently due to the fact they had high average grades through paramedic school. I want to present you a secret… The NREMT exam doesn’t care! For more details regarding the NREMT Exam, go to

Let me present to you SIMPLY THE PARTS OF YOUR PARAMEDIC SCHOOL YOU HAVE TO STUDY to pass the NREMT Paramedic Exam with the minimum number of questions just like I did.

According to the pass rate of those that have tried this Audio NREMT Paramedic Study Guide before you, I am so comfortable you’ll pass your NREMT Paramedic exam the FIRST time you take it after hearing to this condensed Audio NREMT Paramedic Study Guide, I’m willing to give you 100% OF YOUR CASH BACK IF YOU ARE NOT ABSOLUTELY SATISFIED!!

If You’re On Your Second Or Third (Last) Attempt!
If you have previously attempted the NREMT Paramedic Exam once or perhaps two times, you need this audio paramedic study guide a lot more than anyone else. You don’t have the time to waste with more NREMT Practice Questions. You need to study ONLY the content which will be on the NREMT exam. YOU NEED THIS AUDIO PARAMEDIC STUDY GUIDE IMMEDIATELY!

  • Study ONLY NREMT exam tested content. No “fluff” or additional details you don’t need to know to pass.
  • More than 8 hours of audio paramedic study material accessible as downloadable MP3 ready for your iPod or alternative MP3 player.
  • Topics include: Legal & Ethics, Airway Management, Cardio, Trauma, Burns, and more.
  • Ideal if you don’t review very well by reading.
  • No books to read or classes to go to.
  • Rewind and replay over and over at your discretion.
  • PLUS: The 37 most examined Paramedic On-Board Drug treatments and their Actions, Indications, Contraindications, Dosages, Etc.

Study For The NREMT Paramedic Exam At any time, At Any Place
Take into account the amount of hours you waste each and every day on the same repetitive tasks such as driving, laundry, exercising, cooking. Now you can put those hours to use by reviewing for your NREMT assessment with your MP3 or CD player.

Review For The NREMT Paramedic Exam At Your Own Pace
Every person learns differently. If you’re not a “book” person just like me, then this kind of Audio NREMT Paramedic Study Guide is EXACTLY the thing you need to pass. Take your time and listen to each segment again and again until you’re confident. A lot less exhausting than reading from a book for countless hours. Not to mention there are no classes to attend.

Study Only The Subject areas You Need
This Audio NREMT Paramedic Study Guide breaks down the NREMT Paramedic exam into clear areas of study making it a lot easier so that you can study the areas you need the most assistance. Stop wasting time answering countless NREMT examination questions about topics you already know and start to study what you need.


Medical & Legal Toxicology
Paramedic Drugs Personal Safety
Airway Management & Ventillation Patient Assessment
Cardiology I – “The Heart” (22 Min.) Hypertensive Emergencies
Cardiology II – “ECGs” (20 Min.) Endocrinology
Cardiology III – “Rhythms & Arrythmias” (31 Min.) Allergies & Anaphylaxis
Cardiology IV – “Treating Arrythmias” (19 Min.) Hematology
Cardiology V – “Acute Coronary Syndromes” (29 Min.) Soft Tissue Injuries
Burns Head & Facial Trauma
Spinal Trauma Thoracic Trauma
Abdominal Trauma Hemorrhage & Shock
Pharmacology Neonatology

NREMT Practice Tests Don’t Work Alone!
Don’t let it bother you that you recently spent $50-$100 in a web based NREMT practice exam or purchased an NREMT practice exam book. Nearly everyone that takes the NREMT Paramedic Exam does this. These kind of study guides might help, a little. But I assure you, you’ll learn they will not perform alone. In order to understand why NREMT practice tests alone don’t work, you will need to understand how the NREMT Exam is written.

This isn’t your usual “Multiple Guess” examination!
You MUST KNOW the material. Practice questions may help you recognize the parts you need help in, but to be able to pass the NREMT Paramedic exam, YOU MUST KNOW THE MATERIAL. That’s why this very condensed Audio NREMT Paramedic Study Guide works. You ONLY study the material You NEED TO KNOW.

The Exam Won’t Ask You To Choose The Difference Between Black and White, But The Proper Shade of Grey!

The NREMT exam wants to know if you’re able to recognize THE MOST CORRECT ANSWER. This is not the normal, three out of four of the answers are wrong. Select the one that isn’t. This technique does not work here, my friend. Either you know the material, or you don’t and you better know it very well. Just look on the net and notice how many discussions are going on about the difficutly of this exam. I promise, you will not guess your way through this exam!

If This Is Your First Or Second Try, You Don’t Have Time To Waste!
If you’re here because you have already failed once, you know what I’m talking about. This is why my material is SO PRICELESS to you at this time. This material has taken the insane amount of material you “attempted” to absorb through Paramedic school and trimmed off all the fat. What you’re left with is ONLY THE MATERIAL YOU NEED TO KNOW. And you better know it!
Don’t throw away any more time or money taking bogus internet NREMT practice exams. Study NREMT Paramedic material you should understand to pass. Get the review you need right now.

Over 8 Hours of Exam Review!

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